Deck Kote - Acrylic Waterbase Deck Paint - 1 Gallon - 5 YEAR WARRANTY - National Pool Finishes

A Simple but Effective Update for Your Poolside Space

Your outdoor space adds value and function to your home. An outdoor Deck Kote™ color can really make your space stand out. With a variety of colors and finishes, you can choose the look that is perfect for your space.

Upgrading Your Pool Deck

According to Williams Sky and Patio research, a pool can add 7 percent to the overall value of a home. Additionally, keeping the space power-cleaned and freshly painted has an average ROI of 200 percent. But, we know that keeping your space updated goes past home values alone – a clean and updated space is more inviting and makes a much better place to entertain friends or family.

Upgrading your deck doesn’t have to be an expensive project, and it can save you a lot of work in the long run. Deck Kote™ is an affordable acrylic water-base paint that dries quickly, looks great and makes your space easier to clean. The paint comes in several beautiful options for outdoor spaces that have been inspired by outdoor nautical scenes. If you have a certain color in mind, bases are available to create over 100 color custom options. Try it out, and be amazed at what a simple coat of paint can do to upgrade your space! Our customers have raved about the quality of the product and how well it has worked in their spaces.

Painting With Deck Kote™

This acrylic paint can be used on painted or unpainted concrete, though your coverage will be lessened by about 50 percent on a bare surface. Not only does the paint clean up easily with soap and water, but it makes the concrete surface exposed to the sun up to 20 degrees cooler, and reviewers love the very noticeable difference. The paint uses a high-build coating to help reduce slipping and extends the life of your concrete or masonry surface. If you are planning to paint a surface that is painted with something other than another water-base acrylic, use our Pool Grip Epoxy primer first to ensure proper adhesion.

Are you ready for a new and improved look? Paint your deck and pool surfaces to improve value, appearance and extend the life of your space! Deck Kote™ offers a five-year warranty, so you know you are getting great mileage out of your next update.

  • Upgrades KOOL DECK™ Surfaces
  • Reduces the temperature of concrete surfaces exposed to UV rays by up to 20 degrees F
  • Painted or Unpainted Concrete Surfaces
  • Highly resistant to pool chemicals for long lasting beauty and protection
  • Hi-Build coating limits the surface from becoming slippery compared to conventional pool coatings
  • Cleans Up With Soap & Water, No Solvent Fumes
  • Cures Quickly, Back In Service In 2-3 Days
  • Extra-White and Deep Bases available for over 100 custom color options, Excellent Color Retention
  • Provides a durable finish that extends the life of concrete and masonry surfaces

To figure out the amount of paint required:

Length x Width x 1.7 (depth) = square footage x 2 (2 coats) divided by 250 square feet = gallons needed

2 coats are recommended for proper application - 25% - 50% less coverage will occur on bare, rough or sandblasted surfaces.

Deck Kote - Acrylic Waterbase Deck Paint - 1 Gallon - 5 YEAR WARRANTY

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