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Water-based Epoxy Pool Grip is a two component water based epoxy tie-coat/sealer with excellent adhesive properties over existing one and two part finishes. Used on existing finishes which will be over coated with a different technology - chlorinated rubber over epoxy, or epoxy over chlorinated rubber. Applied by roller or brush but can be sprayed if desired.

  • Universal Tie-Coat Primer
  • Easy Conversion from Chlorinated Rubber to Epoxy or Epoxy to Chlorinated Rubber
  • Easy Conversion from Water base to Chlorinated Rubber or Epoxy ... basically converts any coating to any other coating!
  • Excellent Water and Chemical Resistance
  • Heavy Duty 4:1 Epoxy Primer
  • Ease of Clean Up with Water
  • Perfect for Imperfect Surfaces

To figure out the amount of paint required:

Length x Width x 1.7 (depth) = square footage x 2 (2 coats) divided by 250 square feet = gallons needed

2 coats are recommended for proper application - 25% - 50% less coverage will occur on bare, rough or sandblasted surfaces.

Pool Grip - Two-Component Water Base Epoxy Primer / Sealer Gallon Kit

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