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Polymetric particles are granules for non-skid applications where maximum asperity and traction is the goal. While most other polymer based non-skid additives are based on relatively soft polyethylene waxes, this was selected from a thermoset polymer family that is known for its hardness and toughness. It is an excellent alternative to traditional sand as it does not contain free crystalline silica. It also weighs less than sand so it doesn’t settle as quickly when pre-mixed with paints.

  • Add 1 pt / per 1 gallon of paint is what is recommended.
  • Perfect for 300 - 400 square feet of paint
  • Anti Skid Floor Coating Additive, 1 lb., Base Type Silica, Off-White
  • Mix right into paint - paint “encapsulates” the non-skid
  • Recommend only putting directly into the last coat of paint
  • Soft silica sand perfect for bare feet



  • Polymeric No-skid Compound is a non-skid paint additive that’s added to flooring surfaces to provide sure footing on a slippery surface. May be brushed on or rolled.
  • Mix your own non-slip finish - Any finish can be transformed into a non-skid deck finish by the addition of Polymeric No-Skid Additive. This additive consists of man-made plastic spheres, which are regular in shape. They have a low tendency to collect dirt, and excellent non-skid properties. Apply the 2nd coat of paint with Polymeric No-Skid Additive mixed in.
  • Hand Broadcasting Method - Roll on a coat of paint, and while it is still wet, sprinkle the Non-Skid as required to obtain the texture of our choice. It is best to put the Non-Skid in a flour sifter or salt shaker to dispense the compound. Avoid heavy application, which will not assist in providing a more slip resistant surface. After the paint has been allowed to dry overnight, remove the excess Non-Skid.

To figure out the amount of paint required:

Length x Width x 1.7 (depth) = square footage x 2 (2 coats) divided by 250 square feet = gallons needed

2 coats are recommended for proper application - 25% - 50% less coverage will occur on bare, rough or sandblasted surfaces.

Polymetric Non Skid - Quart

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